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Botou AIKE pump industry limited company

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AIKE pump AIKE pump AIKE pump

Delivery notice

Gansu Qingyang LC roots pump delivery notice
Shipment notification: Gansu Qingyang LC roots pump delivery notice

1 LC Gansu Qingyang Yu roots pump purchasing manager has been shipped, the motor with the set of wooden packaging, the number has SMS notification, mobile phone to keep smooth, timely to pick up the goods, have to call customer service hotline: 13931777322!


One to one volume design custom good quality oil pump manufacturers, fast delivery speed

Select the AIKE pump, to save money more peace of mind

Ike pump industry choice, save in the greater worry

Factory strength
Companies rely on China's rural environmental advantages and technological advantages, regardless of product or equipment parts, are strictly checked. Make your production process of any part of the "AIKE" to help you a helping hand.
Power assisted selection
Should the special needs of customers to implement the "tailored" after accumulation and experience in recent years, we already have a professional pump research and innovation capacity, users praise.
Military grade quality
We have a professional production and marketing team, R & D, media, marketing, sales, production, engineering, customer service service and other departments are responsible for every aspect of the work, to ensure that each of our products and the perfect project.
Prompt delivery
Large production base, more than 100 experienced production personnel, gear pumps, stainless steel pump series, heat pump, high temperature pump, rotor pumps and other commonly used models of the spot supply.
Optimal price
AIKE pump raw material suppliers are cooperation for many years, bulk raw materials factory direct supply, eliminating the intermediate cost you money, can also provide multi type oil pump for you, reduce the cost for you
Butler service
7*24 hour quick response mechanism. You only need a phone, all things are handed over to us to do, regardless of the size of the order, to provide intimate butler service

In the development of AIKE pump

Botou AIKE pump industry limited company

Botou AIKE Pump Co. Ltd. is a professional production of industrial pump factory. To form a complete production system of industrial pumps has been established for many years, marketing products throughout the country, to provide a large number of high-quality products for the National Petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, mining machinery, grain and oil, food, rubber and other decorative plate enterprises, has won widespread praise in the industry. The NYP type high viscosity pump and NCB type oil industry RCB type asphalt pump, special production of soap special pump, chemical pump, ZYB type integral stainless steel high-pressure fuel ignition oil pump, roots pump LC, RY air-cooled heat pump, high-precision arc pump and KCB, 2CY series, 3RP series of cam rotor pump etc. many varieties of high-quality pump, product range, wide application...


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